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Quality begins in the fields and orchards, and the fundamentals of our growers’ products is a result of years of experience and hard work combined with the latest farming techniques that creates some of the best foods available. Our grower’s standard of production has made them the most important part of our business year after year.

At Turkhan Foods we take pride in all the products we offer our customers. Our success is built upon our grower’s experience, labor, and dedication to their crops. The best product cannot by synthesized with simple machines and automation; we realize that it’s the people who work hard to make their products and our products what they are.

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Relationship – The Way We Do Business

Regardless of advancements in technology, we believe that agriculture is still a people business. Due to the nature and high risk of agriculture, it is a relationship business.  We strive to develop genuine partnerships with our growers built on trust. A handshake is a contract.  Simply put, honoring our commitments is just expected.

We understand the risks and challenges that growers face season to season.  Many of the company’s employees have agricultural backgrounds. In developing our own orchards, we have gained firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be a grower, giving insight as to what’s important to growers when contracting their crop.  Growers, by the very nature of their business, are independent and risk takers.  This makes turning over a crop to an outside party and having to wait very challenging.

Our tasks are to lessen this challenge, provide you options, and keep you informed every step of the way as your crop is marketed.

Here is how we get things done:

Yearly Contracts:

Our growers are never required to enter multi-year contracts.  We understand that each year stands on its own and that your business must be earned every season.  We realize that doing what we say and providing strong grower returns are mandatory to get your return business.  We know you have choices and we must earn your business.

Customized Payment Plans:

Each grower’s needs are different; flexibility is essential and why payment plans are customized and tailored to each grower’s needs. No one size fits all style contracts.  We work directly with you to determine the best contract terms to meet your needs and challenges.

Pricing Options:

Growers take a lot of risk.  We give them options to mitigate or embrace the level of marketing risk they wish to take.  It can be none, as in a fixed price contract, or full marketing risk, as in a pool contract, or a hybrid.  Again, pricing options are customized to meet each growers desired level of marketing exposure.

Competitive Returns:

We excel or fail based on providing competitive returns.  Accordingly, we are constantly looking for ways to eliminate expenses and increase returns. This includes being integrated to reduce risk, reduce reliance on field and sales intermediaries, and to reduce cost from the supply chain; thus, allowing for higher returns to be passed on to our growers.  We are proud of our track record and encourage our growers to compare our returns to any of our competitors.  We understand that “Returns” are the key to getting your return business.


We believe in rapid information sharing every step of the way from the first day of contract formation until the final return.  Each load is entered into our web site where you can access the information at will.  This includes your variety, weight, field location, trucking company, trailer number, third party inspection analysis (USDA/DFA), photos, and any other relevant information.  This information is available within 24 hours of receipt at the plant. If you prefer, the information can be faxed or sent via mail.  At the end of the season, all your documents are bound and sent to you for your records.  In addition, you will be provided marketing updates and information on a regular basis throughout the season or as you request it.  We believe heavily in communication and transparency, it is your crop and you deserve to know its status at all times.

Independent Inspections:

To ensure quality and transparency, all incoming loads are sealed at the huller and subjected to independent inspections by either DFA (for walnut) or USDA (for almond). For evidence of quality, pictures are taken of representative incoming samples that are maintained in a library for one year, and are made available for inspection.  We conduct our own rigorous in-house analysis throughout the processing cycle to ensure quality control at each step.  Once ready to ship, outgoing loads are once more sampled and tested by DFA or USDA to further ensure customers receive quality product.  Quality assurance cannot be overstated as to its importance to customer satisfaction and sales sustainability. 


Our goal is to make our growers feel confident in their contract(s) and know that this is a genuine partnership and not just a business transaction.  We believe this is essential in laying the foundation for a long-term, beneficial relationship.  We know you have choices each year and we are here to earn your trust year after year by standing by our word. 

Let’s Grow Together!

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